We believe the physical environment we inhabit plays a vital role in our ability to thrive.

TCC Design Build Company exists to help mend the growing divide between human beings and life.


Through the lens of design, development, and construction, we seek to have a positive effect on humanity. We see growing divides occurring on both human-to-human and human-to-nature levels, and our objective is to create homes that help mend those rifts. We believe this is achieved by effectively encouraging routine engagement.

By using thoughtful and socially responsible design that integrates the built and natural environments, communities can be built that help people to thrive instead of merely exist.


We believe in the built environment’s ability to shape us through its unique role as the stage upon which we play out our lives.


Mending the divide

As human beings we are constantly confronted with the option to engage with life or with the artificial things that alienate us from it and each other. This is an everyday choice we all make that is fundamental to our overall well-being.

Science is starting to paint a grim picture of the effects screen time and social media have on our mental, physical, and emotional health. This reality makes the quality of our connection with life more important and urgent than ever before.