This design is molded out of the panoramic views the site of this home has to offer.

Three primary walls set up the layout of the house while framing the two primary mountain views. These walls are a key component to how this home encourages routine interaction with the natural environment. The walls are made thicker than structurally needed to enforce their importance in the home's design.

Two of the walls are parallel to each other as the form of the entry sequence while framing the landscape. These walls extend the threshold of the entry space in order to turn it in to a space of ambiguity between the inside and out. The parallel walls are wrapped in sustainable beetle kill-siding on both the inside and out, furthering their intent as vehicles of strongly connecting the interior of the house to the exterior landscape. The third wall runs along the primary axis of the home and is covered in cor-tin. The visual impact of this confirms that this is the primary wall around which the rest of the home operates. The wall carries through large windows to connect the kitchen to the outdoor living space. 


Water feature

The roof drainage collects to create a waterfall across a stone wall immediately behind and above the fireplace, which is visible through a window.

Staberg exteriors 01_1.png

Open layout

The living area consists of only a single wall to blend an open interior concept with expansive exterior views


View corridors

This portion of a diagram shows the views of western angles of the residence to which the walls are aligned.

Project Name: Staberg Residence

Location: Ptarmigan Tracks, Unicorporated Summit County

Size: 3,337 square feet

Year: 2014